Countdown to Disney!

As some of you may know I am Disney obsessed. Yes I will admit it. But honestly it’s not my fault, my family is too! We are having a family get together this upcoming summer in….you guessed it DISNEY WORLD. So for Christmas I made my aunt a Disney countdown 🙂




So this project was uber simple! I bought a wooden plaque from Michaels as well as some velcro. I already had the yellow cardstock, black paint (acrylic), and red paint (acrylic).

So I painted the plaque and while that was drying I got working on the numbers! So for the last 30 days of the countdown I actually wrote Disney facts on the back, so I did my research for those. I attached a small piece of velcro to each. I also created (but unfortunately didn’t picture) smaller strips of the numbers 0-9 on each so you can count up to 999 if you are really that intense in your Disney planning!

I hope you like it and Happy New Year!


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