Watcha Wearing

Getting married is extremely stressful. Yes it is fun and exciting, but like I said it’s stressful. Since were weren’t stressed out enough making everything else for our wedding we decided to make some fun clothing to show to the world that we are getting married/ got married. What do you think of our sweet outfits?

“I Can’t Keep Calm I’m Getting Married”


We used clear plastic stencil sheets, a print out of the words you want, an xacto knife, adhesive spray and fabric paint. Place your clear plastic over the printed out words you’ve chosen and cut out the letters in the stencil using the xacto knife. Once ready, spray the stencil with the adhesive spray and stick on to the shirt where you desire. Then paint! Once the paint sets for a couple of minutes, carefully peel away the stencil.

Fun Fact: The stencil is reusable

Semi Pro Tip: Place cardboard in the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through!

Sweet Bride Sweatshirt!

These things are so expensive to buy pre-made so I decided to take matters in to my own hands.


IMG_3753 IMG_3754


I bought a rhinestone setter and rhinestones off of amazon, and I used a sweatshirt that I had already. I printed out a design I liked for sizing help and used chalk to draw “Bride” on the sweatshirt (took a hundred tries, but I finally got it how I wanted it) Then using the rhinestone setter I began putting the jewels on.

Ta Da!


I don’t know about you, but I want to be Beyonce. So I decided to make a shirt putting a spin on it and my Feyonce shirt was born!


I used the same technique as I did with the keep calm shirts above.

Opposites attract!

We wore these guys on our way to our honeymoon!

We actually added in our wedding date along the bottom after I took the photo…


(Same technique as the keep calm shirts)


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