We Did it! – Wedding Diy Part 1

I can’t share my secret Christmas present diys with you because of the risk of everyone seeing what I made them, so I decided to finally show all of my wedding diys!

So here it begins with the save the dates and invites!

1184475-3129316-39-HWe got engaged December 24, 2012


We said “I Do” on June 21, 2014 🙂

First we decided on a airplane theme. Zac works on planes and we had a long distance relationship so it worked perfectly.

For the Save The Dates I picked out a design I liked on a google search and then Zac and I created what we wanted in photoshop. I sent it to my friend who has a print shop he fixed up some minor things and printed them all to be magnets!


Then I started working on the invites. I wanted it to look like a boarding ticket for an airplane.

IMG_3045 IMG_3044 IMG_3043 IMG_3042

These were my original sketches. We attempted to create our own, then sent it to my print shop friend to fix up, and viola!

20140420_190122 (1)



20140420_185954 (1)


It came out perfect!

We had fun designing them with sketches and in photoshop, but it was also nice to know a printer for these. We now have a lot of appreciation for him after we did our own printing and cutting for the wedding programs (stay tuned!).


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