Murder in the Manor

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile -I’ve been crafting away!

It’s Halloween season!

I always wanted to go to a Murder Mystery Party, so I decided to host my own! I created all of the decor and it was such a success. This party was for 10 people…I purchased it on this website. There were some grammatical errors but it made it even funnier. It came with all of the printouts of the script, character descriptions, invites, rules, name tags, wine labels, menu. Even came with music!

So here it goes:


The overall room!


The suspects (Poster board, marker, red streamers)


The Count and the Countess silhouette (Black paper, red paper, glue, markers)


Blood Types A and B (Recycled juice tubs, water, red food coloring, labels found here: )


The Counts coffin (Black paint, cardboard box makeover)


Spooky screen (black table cloth (Dollar tree) cut in half)

20141025_182227 20141025_182220

(2 vases (dollar tree), roses and black flowers (dollar tree), skull (target), crow (dollar tree), spider rings (dollar tree), red shredded paper (dollar tree))

20141025_182237 20141025_182241

Foam bats & 31 (foam sheet-Michaels), White candle sticks melted red candle sticks over it, candle stick holders ( all dollar tree)


Rest in Peace Count Blackwell (printed image of the Count, Black cloth (dollar tree), RIP sign ( paper with marker))

20141025_182314 20141025_182309

We did a fall treat potluck- so everyone brought a delicious dish. Tablecloth (Dollar tree), Plate-bowls-silverware-napkins (Dollar tree), Spider webs (Fred Myer), Spooky Straws (Michaels), Vampire teeth (Target), Test Tubes (Dollar Tree), “Bite Me” “Care For A Bite” sign (red paper-black marker)


Black puff balls (tissue paper, string), chandelier covered in spider webs and spiders


Wine labels came with the kit purchase


All the print outs from the kit (Script books, name tags)


Bats (Cut out from foam sheet-Michaels), Red streamer strips

My MANTLEPIECE, I love how it turned out



My Pumpkins- purchased plastic small orange ones (Target), painted with white acrylic (3 layers), I then used black acrylic to write spooky 🙂

I hope you all have a Happy and safe Halloween!

Murder Mystery

Thanks for a wonderful evening ladies!

❤ C


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