Chalk it up

Beautiful chalkboards can be expensive. And honestly I’d rather spend my money on cute shoes. So I found a way to make a beautiful chalkboards on the cheap! Yes cheap! Everybody’s favorite word.

But how??

Here’s what you need:

-a picture frame or mirror, I bought my picture frame from Goodwill for $3

-Chalkboard paint, I got mine from Joanns (Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint, Link Below)

-Paint for your frame, I used a gray acrylic paint I had lying around


 chalkboard 2

chalkboard 1

Step 1: Separate your glass and frame

Step 2: Paint your frame you desired color

Step 3: Paint directly on the glass with the chalkboard paint (make sure the glass is clean before doing so)

I applied 3 layers of chalkboard paint, allowing it to dry completely in between layers

Step 4: Allow to dry for 24 hrs!

Step 5: Reassemble frame and glass

Step 6: Cure you chalkboard. (Sounds weird right? but it helps!) To cure it you just rub chalk all over the entire board.

Step 7: Wipe clean and begin using your wonderful chalkboard!

Mine will be placed above my mantle! Picture to come 🙂|dc&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+Crafts&CS_003=10131488&CS_010=%5BProductId%5D&gclid=CjwKEAjwwo2iBRCurdSQy9y8xWcSJABrrLiS2bM5R760wNH3W0kS7z5VmcC4X5ReDLmDX6NOqr3hBRoCSq3w_wcB


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