Hidden Time

I love clocks. I also love books equally as much. So why not combine them?

Here I’ve created book clocks! It’s a bit time consuming but it is incredible and pretty simple to make.




All you need is:

-Your favorite book

-Xacto knife

-modge podge

-clock movement (http://www.michaels.com/M10040430.html#q=clock&start=2)

-number stickers

Step one: Measure square in book the size of the clock movement.

Step 2: Begin carving out the square within the pages of the book.

Step 3: I modge podged the pages together once I got the movement to fit in.

Step 4: Set up the movement following the instructions on the package. You are going to have to punch a hole through the front cover for the movement to fit through.

Step 5: Add on your clock numbers and enjoy!


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