Giving New Life

I’m all about reusing and re-purposing things we have lying around the house. I always feel bad that they aren’t getting played with anymore, has anyone else seen Toy Story? because it breaks my heart watching them just sit there untouched. Anyway… Animal magnets are extremely popular right now and extremely overpriced in stores! They are a little difficult to make because you do have to cut the animals in half, but the end product is incredible!

Do you have an re-purposed toy ideas?



How to create:


Animals-I had the animals already but I know you can by them at Michaels or at your local toy store.

Gold Paint- I used a brush and acrylic paint. Spray paint would be easier I just don’t like using it.

Super glue- a glue gun did not work 😦

Magnets- I bought little round ones at Office Max

Saw- I used a table saw (extremely dangerous, I had my dad do it) I recommend trying a x acto knife

Step 1: Collect your animals

Step 2: Cut your animals in half. BE CAREFUL!

Step 3: Paint your animals! I chose gold but feel free to try different colors

Step 4: Glue the magnets on using crazy glue

Step 5: Enjoy your new friends! 🙂


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