How do we get it all done?

Being newlywed’s we’ve been having a hard time balancing everything. Friends, family time, alone time, chores, exercise….How are we supposed to do it all? There’s not enough hours in the day that’s for sure. Sometimes my husband and I would overlap doing the chores. We would be redoing each others work without realizing it. So I found this bulletin board on sale at Office Max for $10 and came up with a household chores chart. I was thrilled. I created the magnets from the vase gems at the dollar store, images I found online, and magnets from office max. It really helps us figure out what needs to be done, as well as what is going on that week, or what we need from the store. It’s our own command center 🙂



We also use google calendars on our phones to see the schedule for each others dr appts, work events, etc. We share one so we both can see what we have going on if we have to schedule something for the both of us. It syncs automatically to each others phones once someone adds a change to it.


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