Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes have been my obsession lately. They are so beautiful and fun to make. I made a headboard out of paper airplanes with an ombre effect. I used card stock paper and sticky tack to stick it to the walls.



2 thoughts on “Paper Airplanes

  1. Hello there!
    Your planes are very pretty. Are you planning on keeping them there? I’ve always wanted to try a school of paper cranes but what do i do with them later? It seems heartbreaking to take them down.


    • Thank you so much! I had them up for a while and got a lot of joy from them. Eventually they did start to fall down 😦 But I used most of them for my wedding (which was paper airplane themed) so they were the perfect party decor! We also used them in our engagement photoshoot and have them displayed on our shelves around the house as a cheerful reminder. I was thinking about making a hanging piece with them, like a mobile or a back drop. Let me know if you go for it! It will be beautiful I bet!


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